Clean Fuels Ohio Summer Webinar Roundup

This month we kick off an exciting webinar series highlighting some great clean technologies advancements.

On July 23rd at 1 PM EST, Ethan Sprague joins Clean Fuels Ohio to discuss how FreeWire Technologies addresses barriers to the adoption of electric vehicles (EVs). EV sales have grown rapidly, but the deployment of charging infrastructure has proven slow and costly, with an uncertain return on investment. The electric grid wasn’t designed to support the widespread electrification of transportation, with fueling stations at regular intervals along highways and scattered throughout urban areas, like today’s gas stations. FreeWire’s products make this vision possible by integrating lithium-ion battery storage with infrastructure light ultrafast chargers, allowing low-cost deployment at previously incompatible locations. The benefit is quick and flexible fast charging installations that flatten the demand curve, reduce demand charges, enable charger redeployment and the ability to scale charging infrastructure with vehicle demand instead of sinking investment in the ground years before the need for charging ever shows up. Ethan will introduce FreeWire’s latest product, the Boost Charger, a powerful battery integrated EV charger. Delivering up to 120 kW output and capable of charging two cars at once, the Boost Charger offers drivers a premium charging experience while significantly reducing install and ongoing energy costs for owners.

Next, on July 28th at 11 AM EST, Allison Transmission, the world’s leader in commercial fully automatic transmissions and electric hybrid propulsion systems will present an overview of their current and future technologies.  Topics include Allison’s innovative FuelSense 2.0® solution, allowing fleets to customize their fuel savings and performance through DynActive™ advanced shifting technology. Participants will also learn about Allison’s emerging electric propulsion product roadmap, including a deep-dive of their next generation electric hybrid propulsion system, the H 40/50 Flex EV, which will provide bus fleets with up to 10 miles of full electric engine-off propulsion and accessory power operation - ideal for zero-emission zones and depot operation.

Then, join Clean Fuels Ohio and Tesla on Thursday the 30th at 1 PM EST to learn about Tesla's fleet-focused options including new vehicle models, warranty, servicing options and more. This interactive webinar will feature presentations from key Tesla staff focused on a variety of offerings designed better serve the needs of fleet operators and facilitate the transition to electric vehicles and charging solutions.

Finally, we end the series on August 6th at 1 PM EST, with an EV 101 webinar jointly hosted by Clean Fuels Ohio and PowerConnect. Learn about best practices for siting and installing EVSE Charging stations. PowerConnect's electrical contractor experts will provide an overview of key EVSE Charging station project components, and best practices for determining the siting of the charging stations in relation to buildings and parking lots to minimize costs for the station owner. Smart Columbus staff will also be providing an overview of the Ohio electric vehicle market and adoption trends, and Clean Fuels Ohio will present on grant and incentive programs from the state of Ohio and Utilities.

These will be our last webinars before our jam-packed two weeks of content during the Midwest Green Transportation Forum and Expo in September! Sign up for these engaging sessions, and if you enjoy them, make sure to register for the MWGT Forum and Expo.

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