PUCO Clarifies Rules Regarding Pricing For EV Charging Owners

On July 1, the Ohio Public Utilities Commissioned (PUCO) provided a ruling clarifying the methods of sale for electricity as a motor fuel for Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) Charging stations throughout the state. The PUCO ruling clarified that owners or site hosts of EV charging stations are not utilities or power distribution companies subject to regulation. Thus, they are allowed to sell electricity dispensed into vehicles based on its price by kilowatt hour (kWh).

“The decision issued by the Commission proactively manages the risk that ambiguity or uncertainty about Ohio’s public utility laws might reduce the willingness or ability of the marketplace to conveniently meet the vehicle charging needs of Ohio’s citizens and visitors,” said Samuel Randazzo, Chairman of the PUCO.

“This decision is a win for EV station owners and motorist,” said Sam Spofforth, Executive Director of Clean Fuels Ohio. “This ruling will allow simple transparency on pricing for motorists using EVSE charging stations, as well as allow Ohio’s charging station operators to straightforwardly account for the costs of operations in their station fees.”

With this ruling, Ohio joins a number of other states throughout the country whose utility regulating agencies have allowed EVSE Charging Station owners to charge by kWh for electricity dispensed as a motor fuel.

"Not only does this ruling make pricing easier for motorists and operators, it also helps future-proof Ohio for the coming of faster charging options over the next decade," said Brendan Kelley, Drive Electric Ohio Director. "As EVSE charging stations grow in their capability to provide faster charging ranging from 50-300 kWh per hour in the coming years, this ruling will allow for customers and operators to have a straightforward way for stations fees to align with energy dispensed."

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