Smart Transportation Sessions Will Highlight Autonomous Vehicle and System Innovations

Fully autonomous passenger and freight vehicles are still years away. However, researchers and manufacturers are continuing to make progress. Ohio is a national leader on projects to develop infrastructure to enable increasingly sophisticated levels of connection and autonomy.

The Midwest Green Transportation Forum and Expo virtual conference will feature three educational sessions on this topic. One is focused on levels of autonomy in freight transportation. The second concerns technologies in passenger vehicles. The third will address system-level and infrastructure upgrades for connectivity and efficiency. You can find the descriptions for our Transportation System Innovation sessions on our website here.

Andy Wolpert, Smart City Project Manager for the City of Columbus will moderate “Smart Logistics: Levels of Autonomy in Goods Movement.” The panelists will discuss this issue from a variety of perspectives including research and development, fleet trials and funded projects. Richard Bishop will provide insight on the latest research and learnings related to truck platooning. As a D.C. based consultant, Richard will also speak to the policy implications related to truck platooning and levels of autonomous vehicles for goods movement and freight. The Federal Highway Administration awarded the State of Ohio a federal grant for semi-autonomous trucking project for freight transportation on the I-70 corridor. Rich Granger of DriveOhio will talk the audience through the latest with the project. Attendees can also expect to hear from both a fleet conducting AV traisl and a heavy-vehicle manufacturer.

Attendees will get the chance to hear from experts discuss the latest advances in benefits of autonomous passenger and personal vehicles in the “Smart Mobility: Levels of Autonomy in Passenger Movement and Personal Vehicles.” Moderated by Director of the OSU Center for Automotive Research, Dr. Giorgio Rizzoni, panelists will be discussing the various success and challenges regarding testing, deploying, and commercializing increasing levels of autonomous vehicles. Diane Newton of HNTB and Ed Neidermeyer will join Dr. Rizzoni to discuss the advances in the industry, weigh in on educating the public and policymakers on the benefits of autonomous vehicles, and how autonomy relates to environmental sustainability and energy use. Attendees will hear from a vehicle manufacturer as well to review various mobility applications and their value to transportation service providers.

The final session on the Smart Transportation track is “Transportation System Safety and Efficiency Tools and Strategies” moderated by Rich Granger of DriveOhio. Panelists will discuss what artificial intelligence and connected vehicle innovations mean for motorists and how this affects consumer energy and environmental impacts of personal mobility choices. Carla Bailo of Ann Arbor-based Center for Automotive Research, Sue Bai of Honda of America, and Venu Garikapati of National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) will fill the audience in on increasing efficiency and adaptability in the transportation system, what this means for motorists, and newly developed tools to keep consumers in the loop.

Don't forget to check out our conference agenda for full session details and speaker information! If you have questions, email our Business Development & Communications Manager, Rachel Ellenberger, at

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