Clean Fuels Ohio Highlights Electric Vehicles at MWGT Conference

Clean Fuels Ohio kicked off the annual Midwest Green Transportation Forum and Expo on Monday. The virtual conference covers a broad range of alternative fuel topics, and there are several sessions examining trends and best practices in electric vehicle adoption and charging infrastructure deployment. This is a critical time for electric vehicle charging deployment and electric vehicle adoption in Ohio and across the country. Programs to invest tens of millions of dollars in charging are being administered, planned, or considered by public agencies. State, regional, and local authorities are engaging in collaborative planning to optimize charging infrastructure deployment. Medium- and heavy-duty electric vehicles are becoming increasingly commercially viable, which has major implications for Ohio’s logistics industry and for fleets broadly. According to a May 2020 article from McKinsey & Company, as a result of falling battery prices, increased efficiency, and reduced maintenance costs, fleets could save 15-25% in total cost of ownership by converting to equivalent electric vehicles by 2030. Manufacturers are investing hundreds of billions of dollars to shift their production capacity to electric vehicles. Sessions are covering a range of relevant topics, including utility roles in supporting electric vehicle adoption; charging infrastructure planning; charger deployment in residential, workplace, and retails settings; and light-, medium-, and heavy-duty electric vehicles in fleets. Utilities have predominantly been the source of largescale investment in electric vehicle charging in Ohio and are a key partner for both big picture planning and for individual site hosts. Representatives from investor-owned utilities, municipal utilities, and rural electric cooperatives are sharing their plans for unique approaches to transportation electrification. Industry members like Fermata Energy and Volvo, analysts like Intertrust and Atlas Public Policy, and end users like Walmart have identified best practices and developed innovative solutions across a wide range of use cases, from charging for residents of apartment buildings to deployment of heavy-duty electric vehicles in fleets. They are sharing their insights with session audiences. For more information about our agenda, speakers, and event sponsors, visit our conference website at If you would like to register, it’s free this year! Visit our registration page. The conference is hosted on the Whova app and can be accessed, once you’re registered, here. Contact Rachel Ellenberger, Business Development and Communications Manager, at, if you have any questions or concerns.

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