Reduce gas tax for CNG and propane to gasoline standard

Compressed natural gas (CNG) is under a 5-year phase in. After 2023, CNG will pay the same $0.47 per gallon tax that diesel consumers currently pay.  Fleets using CNG are less than 1% of the vehicles on Ohio’s roads and while the market is growing, fleets are reluctant to transition away from diesel to CNG because of the duration of the return on investment.  Until CNG hits a considerably higher market penetration, CNG should be taxed at the same rate as gasoline instead of diesel.


We ask that the CNG and Propane road tax rates be reduced to the gasoline standard.


Reduce EV registration fee

Ohio currently requires EV owners to pay an annual registration fee of $200/year for dedicated EVs and PHEVs and $100/year for non-plug in hybrid vehicles.  This rate is the 2nd highest in the nation.  Most states charge between $50- $150 for dedicated EVs and 50% of that amount for PHEVs.  Additionally non Plug In hybrid vehicles should not pay an additional fee as they are already paying road tax.


We ask that the dedicated EV registration fee be reduced to $100 per year, the fee for Plug in hybrids be reduced to $50 per year and the fee for non plug in hybrid vehicles be eliminated.

Fund alternative fueled vehicle conversion grant

The Alternative Fueled Vehicle Conversion Grant was designed to offset the initial up-front costs for the purchase of alternative fueled vehicles.  It is currently administered by the Ohio EPA.  All $5 million of the grant has been spent. The state needs to refill the grant to $15 million and change the eligibility to include all alternative fuels and all vehicle weights.  The grant also should be administered by the Ohio Development Services Agency.


We ask that the Alternative Fueled Vehicle Conversion Grant be administered by the Ohio Development Services Agency, be expanded to all fuels and vehicle classes and be refilled to $15 million.




Establishing safety standards are necessary. These standards would apply to vehicles and licensing for installation of alternative fuel systems. These 

standards would require the use of EPA compliant parts and systems as well as an inspection by a certified CNG inspector.


We ask that safety standards be established by the State of Ohio.


Statewide EV Infrastructure Assessment

Ohio needs to do a statewide, comprehensive EV infrastructure assessment to determine the most productive locations for Level 2 and DC Fast Chargers.  There are substantial parts of Ohio that are underserved due to a lack of public charging infrastructure.  Because adoption rates go along with the availability of public 

charging, it becomes a chicken or the egg argument. Additionally, there are locations that do not have the hardware capacity to support DC fast charging without grid overload.  Major utility upgrades would be necessary for some kinds of charging and an overall plan needs to be developed to prevent overload.


We ask that the State of Ohio conduct a statewide EV infrastructure assessment.

Renewable Natural Gas Grant and Interconnection Issues

Renewable natural gas (RNG) is natural gas created from biomass. With proper oversight, RNG can be Improved to pipeline quality and can be connected into the existing gas infrastructure.  RNG burns very clean and is made from organic waste products so not only are carbon emissions reduced compared to diesel, 

carbon emissions are reduced because carbon emissions from landfill waste is being contained as well.  Grants should be created to offset some of the initial cost of the equipment used to generate RNG.  Additionally, the Public Utilities Commission needs to establish a clear, transparent process and objective standard for allowing interconnection to pipeline for RNG.


We ask that Ohio establish a grant for RNG equipment and establish a clear, transparent process for interconnection to existing gas infrastructure.



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