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Learn the basics and benefits of workplace charging from business leaders with successful EV infrastructure including Intuit, Disney, Kaiser Permanente, and the Ohio-based BookFactory.

Workplace Charging Toolkit

Why Should You Consider Installing Chargers at Your Workplace?

Plug-in Electric Vehicle Handbook for Workplace Charging Hosts


This US Department of Energy handbook focuses on the needs and interests of employers, helping them to determine whether workplace charging is right for their organization and offering solutions to workplace charging program planning and implementation. (20 pages)


Why Employers Should Install Workplace Charging for Plug-In Electric Vehicles


This simple decision guide provides a list of benefits to employers, employees and communities by offering workplace charging. (4 pages)


How Can I get Plug-In Electric Vehicle Charging at My Workplace?


This simple decision guide by the California PEV Collaborative walks employees through the appropriate steps to convincing their employer to install charging at work. (4 pages)


Workplace Charging How and Why?


This simple decision guide provides key messages for employers as to why it is beneficial to provide workplace charging.  It also provides 10 key steps to installing workplace charging. (4 pages)


Sample Employee Survey


This survey helps employers to assess demand for workplace charging to ensure that the appropriate type and amount of charging equipment is installed. (2 pages)

Corporate Leadership


Installing workplace charging can be a sign of corporate leadership and innovation, demonstrating a willingness to adopt advanced technology.




Providing PEV charging can enhance corporate sustainability efforts, contribute to a building’s LEED Certification, and reduce an employer’s indirect emissions from employee commutes. The availability of PEV charging can be a strong addition to an organization’s larger portfolio, particularly if the organization has existing objectives related to employee commuting practices, greenhouse gas reductions, and/or transportation emissions reductions.

Employee Incentive


Workplace charging can serve as a valuable employee benefit by helping employees to extend the electric driving range of their plug-in vehicles and thereby reduce their commuting costs. The availability of charging conveys that your organization stays on the leading edge of technological development, even to workers who don’t drive PEVs. And employers that offer charging may be better positioned to attract and retain employees who do drive PEVs.

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Providing workplace charging can help demonstrate an organization’s leadership in supporting cutting-edge, clean transportation technologies to customers, consumers, and the surrounding community.

Tenant Attraction and Retention:

Building owners who offer workplace charging at their facilities send the message that they are interested in providing smart, proactive solutions for their tenants’ present and future needs. Entering this fast-growing niche market today may yield significant benefits in the long run.

Visit our Workplace Charging Planning and Implementation page to learn more about planning considerations and the process of installing Electric Vehicle Service Equipment (EVSE).

Workplace Charging Workshop Presentations:

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